Miss Kobayashi’s Dwagon Maid Episode 1: Wesbian Dwagon Sweetness

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Glad to see this show isn’t disappointing any of the Nation members. Will definitely watch it tonight. Monster girls saved this season from mediocrity, God bless.

The Yuri Nation

The wait is finally over for one of the most hyped (and feared depending on what the viewers’ thoughts are on KyoAni’s yuri fan torturing) show of the Nation in the Winter season. Let us see if we will be tortured again or not by those bastards.

Oh and just in case I will post this warning. Everyone who is caught up with the manga are requested to not mention any spoilers whatsoever or do an “anime vs manga” comparison.

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OG’s Top 10 Anime He’s Seen in 2016

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Solid as always. Your top ten matches mine with some differences in rankings (especially since I would put Izetta as an honorable mention due to my issues with it and 3rei a bit higher on the list but also because I still have yet to finish Amanchu!, Magical Girl Raising Project and Keijo…yes I know I really gotta get on that soon lol), but overall I’m definitely on board with your picks.

Yuri/magical girl and sequel/spinoff wise I seriously don’t have any complaints with this past year. Hopefully 2017 won’t be a disappointment this year either what with Kobayashi-san Maid Dragon, more Nanoha, Symphogear, and of course, Washio Sumi and Yuuki Yuuna season 2. There may be others I’m forgetting but I know those are the big ones really.

The Yuri Nation

This will be a first for me when it comes to picking my annual favorites because usually I pick more than 10 shows I liked ending with the 5 I enjoyed most of all. This time I made a conscious effort to narrow it down to 10 and ONLY 10. The rules will be the following:

  1. No anime movies that premiered or were subbed this year. Meaning movies like The Boy and The Beast, Your Name and Harmony will not be on this list.
  2. This list will only feature anime I have finished that aired in 2016, meaning other super popular shows like RE:Zero, Yuri!!! on Ice, Drifters and even controversial ones like ERASED will not be on the list because at the time this list was made I have not yet seen them.
  3. As usual these are MY FAVORITE ANIME. This does not mean they are the best…

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Ojamajo Doremi: The Forgotten Magical Girl Masterpiece

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Ahhhhh yes this show. Ever since becoming a magical girl fan and discovering its existence (and learning that Igarashi, Sato and the two men responsible for Heartcatch PreCure were involved in its creation), I’ve wanted to watch this. I have this one friend who absolutely cannot stop talking about it lately either.

In any case, I certainly hope that I can get around to it sooner rather than later. I’m not sure whether that’ll be after I’ve seen a few seasons of Pretty Cure or watched Cardcaptor Sakura, but I hope I can watch it at some point this year. I’ll believe you when you say that the length of this show adds to its development and overall greatness, this is definitely something I’ve noticed with long-running shows over time.

Wave Motion Cannon

Despite being one of the most popular magical girl series of all time in Japan, Ojamajo Doremi is an anime with little to no presence in the West whatsoever. Airing from 1999 to 2002, the series was made to be the successor to Sailor Moon and shared many of the same staff, yet it couldn’t be more different in terms of both subject matter and tone. Ojamajo Doremi is quite unlike what most Western fans associate with the term ‘magical girl’: there is no team of super-women saving the world from evil, no monster-of-the-week formula, and no overarching theme of fighting for justice. In fact, Ojamajo Doremi has practically no fighting in it at all.

Now, this may seem strange to some readers who have dabbled in the mahou shoujo mainstream. Sailor Moon, Pretty Cure, and even Card Captor Sakura all follow a fairly strict episodic formula that…

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Brave Witches Episode 6: Hidden Memories

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I fucking loved this episode. Episode 6 is par for the course with this franchise as far as best episode of the season and usually involving some wonderful yuri antics between a Suomi/Finnish witch and an (O)russian one, and this was no different.

I love Sasha and Nipa so much, and knew I would right before the show started (their interactions in the OVA and movie certainly helped with that). That sentiment remains unchanged.

The Neuroi were absolutely terrifying too. That stealth drove me crazy, though they had such great designs.

Sasha’s character is so great, I’m totally sold on her. Though I bet her power has Homura and Togo absolutely seething with jealousy since their magic does the opposite, heh.

Hikari and Nipa are also total klutzes and they’re so much fun to watch.

Gundula is so fucking smug too, I got a kick out of her in this episode as well.

Think I covered everything, honestly. All in all that was just such a great episode, like goddamn.❤

The Yuri Nation

Oh so her first name is Sasha. It’s easier to remember and type than Ivanovna though if the latter were her first name it’d still be cool.

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Girls und Panzer: The Final Chapter Release Schedule

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Well I know what I finally have to watch when I get home from school in a month, lol. God knows how long that Bluray’s been waiting for me.

Still goddamn, that’s the last thing I expected. SIX parts?! I would understand three but SIX?!

That’s ridiculous.

Sure hope I like the series as much as everyone else so that I can get hyped about this, finally.

The Yuri Nation

Girls und Panzer der Film 2nd poster Poster for the first movie but still relevant to the main topic.

In more “continuations of anime series turned into multi-part theatrical releases” news, it was announced that the Girls und Panzer: The Final Chapter conclusion to the series will be divided in six theatrical releases, starting December 2017. You all know what that means, more waiting.

Here’s the trailer that was shown in September when the project was first announced.


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Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero Season 2 Update

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Oh I have absolutely no problem with this, lol.

I’ve read the novel, and I’ve wanted a movie project since the beginning. I NEVER expected THREE movies AND a TV broadcast version as part of season 2 though. That has gone beyond my expectations. I am beyond hyped, especially because of all the public exposure they (and by extension) the rest of the franchise will be getting because of the theatrical screenings.

Believe me OG, the wait will be worth it. I’m not surprised that season 2 was pushed back to Fall anyway, since that’s when the first season aired two (and what will be three) years ago. The only reason I’m bummed is that I probably won’t get to see the movies ever released here, but maybe a miracle will happen and PonyCanyon will bring them over (either for a theatrical screening or alongside the TV broadcast version, though that might be too redundant for the DVD/Bluray release and it won’t be for over a year and a half or so now anyway).

Also that trailer makes me want to cry, but I’m saving my tears for the real deal. I need to prepare my heart again.


Trust me, OG. If you loved YuunaTougou, you will be ECSTATIC about Sumi/Gin and SonoWasshi.

The Yuri Nation


Good news and bad news.

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