Taku’s Top 20 Anime OPs Part VI: #3

I ain’t even mad. All 3 are God tier. Audio speaking, Exterminate is my favorite, but Vitalization’s visuals take the cake. However, Synchrogazer’s waves and tunnels of audio and light just define this franchise for me, and are completely unforgettable in every single way.

Great write-up once again!

Taku Reviews

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(All videos taken from reddit.com/r/animethemes)

#3: Synchrogazer/Vitalization/Exterminate – Nana Mizuki (Senki Zesshou Symphogear)

So…yeah, I kinda cheated here. When I was making this list, one of the hardest decisions I was trying to make for the entire list was which Symphogear OP would make the cut, since I try to limit myself to one per franchise. Each OP is amazing in its own right and I couldn’t bring myself to pick one over the rest. Every time I thought I had made a decision, I doubted it when I re-listened to the three. So, it’s cheating a bit, but I decided it would be appropriate to have the three share the spot. Since this write-up would carry on for a very long time if I were to analyze each three OP with the…

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Taku’s Top 20 Anime OPs Part V: #4

Great analysis of one of my all time favorite anime OPs.

Taku Reviews


(All videos taken from reddit.com/r/animethemes)

#4: world’s end, girl’s rondo – Kanon Wakeshima (Selector Spread WIXOSS)

(Light WIXOSS Spoilers)

The Selector WIXOSS franchise is definitely one of the more formative series in my growth as an anime watcher. It was one of the original shows I got involved with other parts of the franchise, picking up and learning the card game the show is based around and later bringing my friends into it, and the second season of WIXOSS was the first show I watched in full while it was airing. The WIXOSS franchise definitely holds a special place in my heart and no small part of what makes me love WIXOSS so much is the opening sequence to the show’s second season, “world’s end, girl’s rondo”. The OP has stood as one of my absolute favorite OPs since I first watched the show over two years ago and for…

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Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Episode 6: Home Visits

Oh God, what an episode this was. I don’t even know where to begin with it, really.

First off, I guess I’ll say that while I am a little surprised that Shouta was a well, shota…that does not change my love for Lucoa at all. I’m not usually a fan of BBWs, but her personality coupled with the lore surrounding her as Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec feathered serpent ex-goddess is probably why I’m so endeared toward her.

The only thing that makes me mad about her relationship with Shouta is that that’s not me in his shoes LOL. 😛

As for Kanna x Saikawa…oh my fucking God, if ever there was a ship of the season, there it is. Tohru x Kobayashi-san is great and wholesomely real and I support it all the way, Fafnir x Kobayashi’s otaku co-worker/drinking buddy is also a treasure.

But KannaRiko…I don’t even know. My heart just exploded when Kanna sat in her lap, when Riko said she wanted to marry her, and then when Kanna pinned her down…fuuuuuuuuuck.

And I think even though they’re kids, its perfectly natural for them to understand their feelings for each other and know what they want. Their relationship is so great, I absolutely love it aaaaaaah.

I just love how this show naturalizes homosexual and supernatural/interspecies relationships like its nothing. It’s wonderful, truly wonderful. Sasuga KyoAni.

The Yuri Nation

This episode’s introduction made me laugh uncontrollably for five minutes.

Riko excited to have Kanna visit her place.jpg Yup. The first segment was about these two, which means eternal happiness awaits.

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Halftime Heat: Little Witch Academia TV

I’m now a few episodes behind, but God I’m loving this show so much more than I thought I would. I enjoyed the OVAs, but felt they were lacking in story quality. GREAT animation though, as expected of Trigger always.

The TV series as of yet, does not have ANY of those problems. And while I’m sure my favorite by default is probably Amanda or Diana, these girls are all way too good for me to choose.

I’m 100 percent on board with Diana x Akko, and have been since the beginning. ❤

The Yuri Nation

Some fans requested I cover this show despite it not being necessary due to it being pretty popular. Still, I did say it’s on my watch list so I suppose I’ll talk about it weekly…or at least try.

NOTE: This post was written by someone who saw the pilot OVA and The Enchanted Parade beforehand. While it is absolutely not necessary to see the OVAs before the show it does help give newcomers a glimpse of what to expect. Plus they’re fun to watch.

Shiny Chariot.jpg Shiny Chariot.

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The 2016 Yuri Anime Awards Results

PapiCona should’ve won, but I guess more people watched Izetta than Flip Flappers. Oh well, I like both ships, so I’m not going to complain too much.

For as much as I love Yohane, Riko and Mari are still my favorites above her, so I’m glad they won. 😛

The Yuri Nation

giddy-riko Another potential contender in the 2017 awards, Riko Saikawa.

And with that another enjoyable Yuri Anime Awards ceremony has come to a close. Thanks again to both and new fans for showing their support for their favorite gals and couples. Let’s find out who were the victors.

  • Check out the total percentage of votes HERE.
  • Check out the Yuritopia Classic Tournament journey HERE.


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The 2016 Yuri Anime Awards

Giving it all to Flip Flappers. And making me choose between Izetta and Yohane. Wow man, that fucking hurts. I don’t know if I can vote for that one.

The Yuri Nation

tohru-smitten A sneak peek at who will be part of the 2017 awards.

WARNING! The following award ceremony will contain massive spoilers for many anime and games that aired/were localized in 2016

It’s that time again Nation. Well, it would have been sooner were it not for other stuff that took a lot of my time. In any case let us finally drink in the magical goodness that is the gift of yuri. As usual let us give a big round of applause to all the ladies who gave their all in showing the world how beautiful love between two or more women can be in 2016. This year I will try something a bit different with the “Best Moment” category. Since we’ve had A LOT of confessions it will be changed to the “Best Confession”. There will also be some other bonus categories. Of course the finals of the 2016…

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Sailor Moon Crystal Sequel Announced

You’ll get one chapter/episode of Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna raising Hotaru as their own (so Outers lesbian family basically), but otherwise, this one’s probably gonna be pretty dry for yuri content. And while I don’t dislike Helios (I quite enjoyed him in SuperS, and SuperS overall which is an extremely unpopular opinion but I don’t give a fuck), Takeuchi isn’t a fan of how she drew him in the original manga. So I may dislike his manga counterpart when I finally see him animated (because I have no intention of going back to the Sailor Moon manga myself anytime soon).

However, if I’m not mistaken, the Dream arc does have a scene that’s…very easy to be seen as yuri. I would rather not spoil what that is, but it has something to do specifically with a promise she made to Princess Serenity/Usagi.

But yeah other than that, you’ll have to wait for StarS in order to see more yuri, I think.

The Yuri Nation

Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary.jpg

The post title says it all. In celebration of the Sailor Moon franchise’s 25h anniversary a sequel to Sailor Moon Crystal had been announced. This announcement comes as no surprise. Thing is the sites I saw reported the news as a “sequel” not the “4th season” of the Sailor Moon Crystal anime. While it’s highly likely that the sequel will in fact be the 4th season of SMC I too will report it as a sequel just in case it ends up being a movie trilogy or something like that. More details when they become available.

As far as the upcoming arc goes I heard some slightly unfavorable things regarding an adorable couple but hopefully with the direction the reboot has taken in the third season things will proceed favorably for the Yuri Nation.


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