“Umineko”: Gulls, Cats, and linguistic associations thereof

Absolutely fascinating. Still need to read Umineko tho, lol.



Recently, I was talking with fisharson and Phazys about upcoming shows, and Umineko No Naku Koro Ni, the English title of which translates to “When Seagulls Cry”. Both noted that the title certainly didn’t seem quite as sinister as it’s predecessor, Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni (lit. “When Cicadas Cry”). I pointed out that, being a coastal city dweller myself, the long and somewhat mournful call of a seagull was incredibly evocative and very closely associated with the location, and I felt it was plenty appropriate. Still, fisharson wasn’t quite impressed – the most recent seagulls that featured prominently in animated media after all are the button-eyed sort in Pixar’s Finding Nemo. While certainly menacing to the fish, their design is such to elicit amusement from the viewer – certainly, couldn’t a better choice have been made for a horror anime been made?

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Yuri Talk: My Gripes, Dislikes and Hopes for the Future of Yuri (By Your Average Joe)

Ahhhh yes Amnesian, the “true” sequel to Kannazuki no Miko that never finished scanlation because the TLs squicked out on it after chapter 12 or 13. I honestly enjoyed that trash when I first read it, though I have no idea if I would now. Still, since I started it, I’m hoping one day I can read it again and finish it so I can finally know the ultimate fate of the last incarnations of Chikane and Himeko (and Murakumo).

Guys in yuri anime don’t really bother me, and neither do girls with hetero proclivities who are in/interested in same-sex relationships with another female. I do wish that yuri relationships would stop being used as “fanservice” in a lot of harem and ecchi anime though, but it is what it is. If anything, I wish that the male would function as the intermediary to bring the two girls together, because that’s what actually SHOULD happen when they’re interested/involved in the same guy. Watch films like The Women and Stage Door which are considered queer cult classics for their lesbian undertones and all female casts despite the frequent mentioning of men (yet they never appear onscreen or are merely side characters) making it so that they wouldn’t pass the Bechdel test, and you’ll see what I mean.

Subtext I’m hit or miss on. I feel like my definitions of what I would consider “canon” differ from other yuri fans’. And that’s fine. I don’t need a whole lot to fuel a yuri ship, honestly. Just see those girls interacting together onscreen, framed together in two shots, always looking each other in the eyes, maybe even flirting a bit. That’s all I really need. And of course if its a love and admiration for one girl powerful enough to destroy the world, then there’s not a question in my mind of the canonicity there.

I don’t consider one-sided relationships enough justification to make a ship canon though. Others might, but that’s just me.

I am not interested in the tone and subject material of the Citrus and NTR manga, which is why I will probably not be reading them anytime soon (though I do have a volume of Citrus, so I might change my mind on that). I will be watching the anime adaptations for both, in the hopes that despite how trashy they are they still manage to be enjoyable and well-produced enough to be successful, and open up opportunities for other superior yuri manga to finally get the adaptations they deserve.

The Yuri Nation

I am and have been super busy lately, so my next Manga review will be a while. But since one of the hype shows of year (Netsuzou Trap) has been announced with a premiere date, I figured this would be the best time to talk about this.

So, this post will just be a big rant about Yuri Anime/Manga and it will be heavily based on my likes/dislikes. Hopefully you enjoy reading this but at the very least you learn some new things about me as a Manga reviewer and Anime watcher and maybe this post could start some discussions.

Just as a disclaimer, this will be very long. One more thing, reading back on this I realise I repeat myself a lot, but please understand that I really want to get my point across and was probably a little mad. I’d love to read your opinion on…

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Taku’s Top 20 Anime OPs Part VI: #3

I ain’t even mad. All 3 are God tier. Audio speaking, Exterminate is my favorite, but Vitalization’s visuals take the cake. However, Synchrogazer’s waves and tunnels of audio and light just define this franchise for me, and are completely unforgettable in every single way.

Great write-up once again!

Taku Reviews

3-header(Check out #20-16#15-11#10-6#5, and #4)

(All videos taken from reddit.com/r/animethemes)

#3: Synchrogazer/Vitalization/Exterminate – Nana Mizuki (Senki Zesshou Symphogear)

So…yeah, I kinda cheated here. When I was making this list, one of the hardest decisions I was trying to make for the entire list was which Symphogear OP would make the cut, since I try to limit myself to one per franchise. Each OP is amazing in its own right and I couldn’t bring myself to pick one over the rest. Every time I thought I had made a decision, I doubted it when I re-listened to the three. So, it’s cheating a bit, but I decided it would be appropriate to have the three share the spot. Since this write-up would carry on for a very long time if I were to analyze each three OP with the…

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Taku’s Top 20 Anime OPs Part V: #4

Great analysis of one of my all time favorite anime OPs.

Taku Reviews


(All videos taken from reddit.com/r/animethemes)

#4: world’s end, girl’s rondo – Kanon Wakeshima (Selector Spread WIXOSS)

(Light WIXOSS Spoilers)

The Selector WIXOSS franchise is definitely one of the more formative series in my growth as an anime watcher. It was one of the original shows I got involved with other parts of the franchise, picking up and learning the card game the show is based around and later bringing my friends into it, and the second season of WIXOSS was the first show I watched in full while it was airing. The WIXOSS franchise definitely holds a special place in my heart and no small part of what makes me love WIXOSS so much is the opening sequence to the show’s second season, “world’s end, girl’s rondo”. The OP has stood as one of my absolute favorite OPs since I first watched the show over two years ago and for…

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Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Episode 6: Home Visits

Oh God, what an episode this was. I don’t even know where to begin with it, really.

First off, I guess I’ll say that while I am a little surprised that Shouta was a well, shota…that does not change my love for Lucoa at all. I’m not usually a fan of BBWs, but her personality coupled with the lore surrounding her as Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec feathered serpent ex-goddess is probably why I’m so endeared toward her.

The only thing that makes me mad about her relationship with Shouta is that that’s not me in his shoes LOL. 😛

As for Kanna x Saikawa…oh my fucking God, if ever there was a ship of the season, there it is. Tohru x Kobayashi-san is great and wholesomely real and I support it all the way, Fafnir x Kobayashi’s otaku co-worker/drinking buddy is also a treasure.

But KannaRiko…I don’t even know. My heart just exploded when Kanna sat in her lap, when Riko said she wanted to marry her, and then when Kanna pinned her down…fuuuuuuuuuck.

And I think even though they’re kids, its perfectly natural for them to understand their feelings for each other and know what they want. Their relationship is so great, I absolutely love it aaaaaaah.

I just love how this show naturalizes homosexual and supernatural/interspecies relationships like its nothing. It’s wonderful, truly wonderful. Sasuga KyoAni.

The Yuri Nation

This episode’s introduction made me laugh uncontrollably for five minutes.

Riko excited to have Kanna visit her place.jpg Yup. The first segment was about these two, which means eternal happiness awaits.

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Halftime Heat: Little Witch Academia TV

I’m now a few episodes behind, but God I’m loving this show so much more than I thought I would. I enjoyed the OVAs, but felt they were lacking in story quality. GREAT animation though, as expected of Trigger always.

The TV series as of yet, does not have ANY of those problems. And while I’m sure my favorite by default is probably Amanda or Diana, these girls are all way too good for me to choose.

I’m 100 percent on board with Diana x Akko, and have been since the beginning. ❤

The Yuri Nation

Some fans requested I cover this show despite it not being necessary due to it being pretty popular. Still, I did say it’s on my watch list so I suppose I’ll talk about it weekly…or at least try.

NOTE: This post was written by someone who saw the pilot OVA and The Enchanted Parade beforehand. While it is absolutely not necessary to see the OVAs before the show it does help give newcomers a glimpse of what to expect. Plus they’re fun to watch.

Shiny Chariot.jpg Shiny Chariot.

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Stardust Crusaders Review

Goddammit. I can’t believe its over. Except that its not over, because it was only Part 3 of 8. And who knows if JoJolion will even be the end at this point. Araki, you magnificent bastard.

For the past few months, Stardust Crusaders was the show I could look forward to watching a little bit of almost every single day or week. In the span of 48 episodes, I could look forward to Stands of all shapes and sizes, more of the antics of Polnareff who I adore so much, more of Joseph freaking out and being a total spaz, more of Avdol being smug and wise about everything in an honest manner, more of Jotaro keeping his cool, and more of Kakyoin being a lovable smartass. And Iggy being simultaneously the most useful and useless mutt of all time.

Then there was DIO with his charisma…UNFFFFFFFF. That is always a joy to watch/read, whether its in Part 1 or in Part 3. The means by which he is experienced matters not. And the final battle with him, the End of ZA WARUDO, did not disappoint.

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