Yuri Talk: My Gripes, Dislikes and Hopes for the Future of Yuri (By Your Average Joe)

Ahhhh yes Amnesian, the “true” sequel to Kannazuki no Miko that never finished scanlation because the TLs squicked out on it after chapter 12 or 13. I honestly enjoyed that trash when I first read it, though I have no idea if I would now. Still, since I started it, I’m hoping one day I can read it again and finish it so I can finally know the ultimate fate of the last incarnations of Chikane and Himeko (and Murakumo).

Guys in yuri anime don’t really bother me, and neither do girls with hetero proclivities who are in/interested in same-sex relationships with another female. I do wish that yuri relationships would stop being used as “fanservice” in a lot of harem and ecchi anime though, but it is what it is. If anything, I wish that the male would function as the intermediary to bring the two girls together, because that’s what actually SHOULD happen when they’re interested/involved in the same guy. Watch films like The Women and Stage Door which are considered queer cult classics for their lesbian undertones and all female casts despite the frequent mentioning of men (yet they never appear onscreen or are merely side characters) making it so that they wouldn’t pass the Bechdel test, and you’ll see what I mean.

Subtext I’m hit or miss on. I feel like my definitions of what I would consider “canon” differ from other yuri fans’. And that’s fine. I don’t need a whole lot to fuel a yuri ship, honestly. Just see those girls interacting together onscreen, framed together in two shots, always looking each other in the eyes, maybe even flirting a bit. That’s all I really need. And of course if its a love and admiration for one girl powerful enough to destroy the world, then there’s not a question in my mind of the canonicity there.

I don’t consider one-sided relationships enough justification to make a ship canon though. Others might, but that’s just me.

I am not interested in the tone and subject material of the Citrus and NTR manga, which is why I will probably not be reading them anytime soon (though I do have a volume of Citrus, so I might change my mind on that). I will be watching the anime adaptations for both, in the hopes that despite how trashy they are they still manage to be enjoyable and well-produced enough to be successful, and open up opportunities for other superior yuri manga to finally get the adaptations they deserve.

The Yuri Nation

I am and have been super busy lately, so my next Manga review will be a while. But since one of the hype shows of year (Netsuzou Trap) has been announced with a premiere date, I figured this would be the best time to talk about this.

So, this post will just be a big rant about Yuri Anime/Manga and it will be heavily based on my likes/dislikes. Hopefully you enjoy reading this but at the very least you learn some new things about me as a Manga reviewer and Anime watcher and maybe this post could start some discussions.

Just as a disclaimer, this will be very long. One more thing, reading back on this I realise I repeat myself a lot, but please understand that I really want to get my point across and was probably a little mad. I’d love to read your opinion on…

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