Halftime Heat: Little Witch Academia TV

I’m now a few episodes behind, but God I’m loving this show so much more than I thought I would. I enjoyed the OVAs, but felt they were lacking in story quality. GREAT animation though, as expected of Trigger always.

The TV series as of yet, does not have ANY of those problems. And while I’m sure my favorite by default is probably Amanda or Diana, these girls are all way too good for me to choose.

I’m 100 percent on board with Diana x Akko, and have been since the beginning. ❤

The Yuri Nation

Some fans requested I cover this show despite it not being necessary due to it being pretty popular. Still, I did say it’s on my watch list so I suppose I’ll talk about it weekly…or at least try.

NOTE: This post was written by someone who saw the pilot OVA and The Enchanted Parade beforehand. While it is absolutely not necessary to see the OVAs before the show it does help give newcomers a glimpse of what to expect. Plus they’re fun to watch.

Shiny Chariot.jpg Shiny Chariot.

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