Stardust Crusaders Review

I can’t believe this journey is finally over. Even though it was only Part 3 of 8 (and who knows if JoJolion will even be the end at this point).

For the past few months, Stardust Crusaders was the show I could look forward to watching a little bit of almost every single day or week. In the span of 48 episodes, I could look forward to Stands of all shapes and sizes, more of the antics of Polnareff who I adore so much, more of Joseph freaking out and being a total spaz, more of Avdol being smug and wise about everything in an honest manner, more of Jotaro keeping his cool, and more of Kakyoin being a lovable smartass. And Iggy being simultaneously the most useful and useless mutt of all time.

Then there was DIO with his charisma. That is always a joy to watch/read, whether its in Part 1 or in Part 3. The means by which he is experienced matters not. And the final battle with him, the End of ZA WARUDO, did not disappoint.

Every time I watched Stardust Crusaders, I could look forward to laughing and crying, to seeing the enemies being knocked out by the quick wit of the characters outsmarting them or bluffing their way to victory. I remember all of the fights so clearly, I remember how much fun I had watching them, that I truly can’t pick favorites.

And the whole experience was like watching people who had slowly but surely become my friends. I felt I was on that journey to Egypt every step of the way.

If only I had watched this series while it was airing. If only I had started and caught up on the manga sooner.

For some time now, I have struggled to determine exactly what it is about JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure that I love so much. Is it the multi-generational storyline, the psychological maneuvers of the characters, the exaggerated drama of their suffering and misfortune, the gross out humor that’s all in good fun, the exaggeratedly masculine appearance of the characters, the surprisingly poignant moments, the expertly plotted plot twists, Araki’s perfect research on basically everything that suits his plot mechanics and world building, or is it just how nearly every single character is extremely melodramatic or a completely stoic straight man unfazed by anything…what exactly is it about this series that just works so well for me?

And when was the last time that I have ever enjoyed a long-running series this much, and had all of these feelings toward it. Even if it wasn’t perfect, even if it could be shorter, even if some parts were more consistent than others…

Ah. Of course…when I originally started SC, I said that I thought this series was basically shonen Sailor Moon. I also once said that the adrenaline rush I had while watching Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency (the 2012 series) was comparable to that of what I had when watching Symphogear for the first time. Gurren Lagann as well.

And I will not retract those statements at all. It can no longer be denied how influential JoJo is on so many things in anime/manga that exist today even without us realizing it. And it is for that reason that to me, it is the perfect shonen anime.

I love JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. And for all its shortcomings, for all its codifying tropes that are easy to get fatigued by, for all its absurdity and Star Platinum punching the shit out of everything…I doubt I’ll stop loving it any time soon.

I’m very hyped to start watching Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable. And after that’s over, begin reading the manga starting with Part 5: Vento Aureo. Because I know that the rest of this series will only have more of what I love about it as it goes on and I continue progressing through it.

But before all of that, I need some more time. How I wish Time could stop at this very moment, so I could cherish all these feelings that I have for JJBA. Now I have context for all of the memes, now I have found yet another series to fall in love with and get immersed in, and most importantly, now I have found a cast of characters in a shonen anime that as a whole I could consider true friends.

I’m going to miss you, Stardust Crusaders. It really was fun, traveling with you these last few months.

Now I’m on the Last Train Home…Farewell. Until We Meet Again, My Friends.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders gets a 9/10 overall. 8/10 for Season 1, 9/10 for Battle in Egypt.


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