10 Great Anime Movies for Sakuga Fans

All of these are on my list, but thank you for potentially giving me a list as to which ones I should watch first/in what order when I finally start seeing more anime non-serial/standalone films. I’ll probably do Redline first but we’ll see.

Great article fam!


Writing about sakuga in top tier anime movies is a little bit different than writing about it in TV series. Due to the deadlines and nature of a weekly TV series, they are generally full of stark highs and lows, making it really easy to pick out the best stuff. Movies, on the other hand, with their more dedicated staff, longer timeline, and more reasonable budgets, are usually much more visually consistent, making that a little harder sometimes. Fluidity can no longer really be the top criteria because if it was, you would just have a 20 way tie for first place. And what about great looking movies that aren’t consistent? Things like The Sacred Star of Milos? It has incrediblyhighhighs that are definitely worthy of note, but is also much more like a TV series, in that it has plenty of moments where you’re just staring at a panning still. So should that…

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One thought on “10 Great Anime Movies for Sakuga Fans

  1. This is fantastic stuff! I have some new movies to watch, as well as some to return to with new eyes.

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