The 2016 Yuri Anime Awards Results

PapiCona should’ve won, but I guess more people watched Izetta than Flip Flappers. Oh well, I like both ships, so I’m not going to complain too much.

For as much as I love Yohane, Riko and Mari are still my favorites above her, so I’m glad they won. 😛

The Yuri Nation

giddy-riko Another potential contender in the 2017 awards, Riko Saikawa.

And with that another enjoyable Yuri Anime Awards ceremony has come to a close. Thanks again to both and new fans for showing their support for their favorite gals and couples. Let’s find out who were the victors.

  • Check out the total percentage of votes HERE.
  • Check out the Yuritopia Classic Tournament journey HERE.


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2 thoughts on “The 2016 Yuri Anime Awards Results

  1. ayaya says:

    PapiCona is the only yuri ship that matters as of fall season last year

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