Sailor Moon Crystal Sequel Announced

You’ll get one chapter/episode of Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna raising Hotaru as their own (so Outers lesbian family basically), but otherwise, this one’s probably gonna be pretty dry for yuri content. And while I don’t dislike Helios (I quite enjoyed him in SuperS, and SuperS overall which is an extremely unpopular opinion but I don’t give a fuck), Takeuchi isn’t a fan of how she drew him in the original manga. So I may dislike his manga counterpart when I finally see him animated (because I have no intention of going back to the Sailor Moon manga myself anytime soon).

However, if I’m not mistaken, the Dream arc does have a scene that’s…very easy to be seen as yuri. I would rather not spoil what that is, but it has something to do specifically with a promise she made to Princess Serenity/Usagi.

But yeah other than that, you’ll have to wait for StarS in order to see more yuri, I think.

The Yuri Nation

Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary.jpg

The post title says it all. In celebration of the Sailor Moon franchise’s 25h anniversary a sequel to Sailor Moon Crystal had been announced. This announcement comes as no surprise. Thing is the sites I saw reported the news as a “sequel” not the “4th season” of the Sailor Moon Crystal anime. While it’s highly likely that the sequel will in fact be the 4th season of SMC I too will report it as a sequel just in case it ends up being a movie trilogy or something like that. More details when they become available.

As far as the upcoming arc goes I heard some slightly unfavorable things regarding an adorable couple but hopefully with the direction the reboot has taken in the third season things will proceed favorably for the Yuri Nation.


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