Brave Witches Episode 6: Hidden Memories

I fucking loved this episode. Episode 6 is par for the course with this franchise as far as best episode of the season and usually involving some wonderful yuri antics between a Suomi/Finnish witch and an (O)russian one, and this was no different.

I love Sasha and Nipa so much, and knew I would right before the show started (their interactions in the OVA and movie certainly helped with that). That sentiment remains unchanged.

The Neuroi were absolutely terrifying too. That stealth drove me crazy, though they had such great designs.

Sasha’s character is so great, I’m totally sold on her. Though I bet her power has Homura and Togo absolutely seething with jealousy since their magic does the opposite, heh.

Hikari and Nipa are also total klutzes and they’re so much fun to watch.

Gundula is so fucking smug too, I got a kick out of her in this episode as well.

Think I covered everything, honestly. All in all that was just such a great episode, like goddamn.❤

The Yuri Nation

Oh so her first name is Sasha. It’s easier to remember and type than Ivanovna though if the latter were her first name it’d still be cool.

Sasha and Nipa.jpg

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