Mega Blockbuster Yuri Anime Announcements

So Shitrus got animated.

I bought a volume for shits and giggles and perused it. The art is great, the yuri is definitely there, but oh my fucking God, can you say SCHMALTZ. It’s the most dragged out, melodramatic and troperiffic bullshit and I feel so fucking guilty for reading it.

Of course tripe like that got animated. I’ll probably watch it anyway and read the rest of it but…SHEESH.

And I read the summary of Netsuzou…uhhhhh no thanks.

What the Hell is it going to take for an adaptation of Girl Friends or Blooming Into You, like something that actually fucking DESERVES it. That might just be a pipe dream at this point but FUCK.

I REFUSE to believe the industry is still this fucking shallow. sigh

Oh well, it is what it is.

The Yuri Nation

One of these two many Yuri Nation members had been waiting ages to hear the magic words to while the other one…

Citrus, Volume 1

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