Halftime Heat: Flip Flappers

This series is fucking God tier.

After watching 6 episodes of this, I can wait another decade for Kunihiko Ikuhara and Hideaki Anno to make another anime (That isn’t Eva for the latter).

The amount of love and creativity that goes into its visual narrative, what with all of its symbolism, references and the whole of Pure Illusion is absolutely off the charts.

Papika and Cocona are such wonderful and fascinating characters, and even though I ship them so hard I’m genuinely feeling for Yayaka and the art teacher. And I’m scared to death of the organizations they’re all working for, for good reason.

Every week I stream this show with my friends I feel like I’m going into a wacky museum and hopping through painting after painting, never knowing what the fuck will come next and being wonderfully surprised when it does.

I started off watching this just for the animation porn (I’m sure it drives the sakugafags absolutely mad), thinking it would be style over substance. But its not, it has both.

It basically combines the absolute best of Gainax/Trigger, Shaft, Bones and slice of life/yuri tropes into one glorious and fascinating melting pot of potential. It’s pure art. I love it so damn much. I can’t get enough of it.

Definitely my AotS. If all goes well, it’ll be on my top ten by the end.


The Yuri Nation

At long last we are here and ready to kick off the first of many Halftime Heat “catch up” posts! The idea is simple, briefly discuss all the episodes I missed up to the most recent one as of the post’s writing. Similar to what I did with Mahou Tsukai PreCure a couple of months ago. Let’s kick things off with Flip Flappers!

Papika X Cocona in bed.jpg

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