Halftime Heat: Brave Witches

6 episodes in and I’m absolutely loving this series.

I had no doubt that I would from the start since I love Strike Witches unconditionally (and still have many a manga/doujin and novel for the franchise to read), but this show has just come out far better than I expected. So far I’m enjoying it even more than season 1, and it takes place between it and season 2 no less. But the stakes are like that of the movie (well it is the Eastern front after all), and the production quality reaches ALMOST that of the Operation Victory Arrow OVA (only the CG brings it down as its too conspicuous, IMO).

Not to mention everything from the characters to the action sequences are on point, and I love how crafty and sinister the Neuroi in this season are too.

And there’s no shortage of gay either, for sure. Waltrud and Nipa/Sasha are too fucking good. Georgette and Sada-chan don’t fall short either.

SO good, you’ll absolutely love this week’s episode, OG.

The Yuri Nation

Next anime getting the HH treatment will be the (now mostly) pantless alien tech fighting warriors of the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing.


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