Brave Witches Episode 6: Hidden Memories

I fucking loved this episode. Episode 6 is par for the course with this franchise as far as best episode of the season and usually involving some wonderful yuri antics between a Suomi/Finnish witch and an (O)russian one, and this was no different.

I love Sasha and Nipa so much, and knew I would right before the show started (their interactions in the OVA and movie certainly helped with that). That sentiment remains unchanged.

The Neuroi were absolutely terrifying too. That stealth drove me crazy, though they had such great designs.

Sasha’s character is so great, I’m totally sold on her. Though I bet her power has Homura and Togo absolutely seething with jealousy since their magic does the opposite, heh.

Hikari and Nipa are also total klutzes and they’re so much fun to watch.

Gundula is so fucking smug too, I got a kick out of her in this episode as well.

Think I covered everything, honestly. All in all that was just such a great episode, like goddamn.❤

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Oh so her first name is Sasha. It’s easier to remember and type than Ivanovna though if the latter were her first name it’d still be cool.

Sasha and Nipa.jpg

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Girls und Panzer: The Final Chapter Release Schedule

Well I know what I finally have to watch when I get home from school in a month, lol. God knows how long that Bluray’s been waiting for me.

Still goddamn, that’s the last thing I expected. SIX parts?! I would understand three but SIX?!

That’s ridiculous.

Sure hope I like the series as much as everyone else so that I can get hyped about this, finally.

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Girls und Panzer der Film 2nd poster Poster for the first movie but still relevant to the main topic.

In more “continuations of anime series turned into multi-part theatrical releases” news, it was announced that the Girls und Panzer: The Final Chapter conclusion to the series will be divided in six theatrical releases, starting December 2017. You all know what that means, more waiting.

Here’s the trailer that was shown in September when the project was first announced.


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Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero Season 2 Update

Oh I have absolutely no problem with this, lol.

I’ve read the novel, and I’ve wanted a movie project since the beginning. I NEVER expected THREE movies AND a TV broadcast version as part of season 2 though. That has gone beyond my expectations. I am beyond hyped, especially because of all the public exposure they (and by extension) the rest of the franchise will be getting because of the theatrical screenings.

Believe me OG, the wait will be worth it. I’m not surprised that season 2 was pushed back to Fall anyway, since that’s when the first season aired two (and what will be three) years ago. The only reason I’m bummed is that I probably won’t get to see the movies ever released here, but maybe a miracle will happen and PonyCanyon will bring them over (either for a theatrical screening or alongside the TV broadcast version, though that might be too redundant for the DVD/Bluray release and it won’t be for over a year and a half or so now anyway).

Also that trailer makes me want to cry, but I’m saving my tears for the real deal. I need to prepare my heart again.


Trust me, OG. If you loved YuunaTougou, you will be ECSTATIC about Sumi/Gin and SonoWasshi.

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Good news and bad news.

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Mega Blockbuster Yuri Anime Announcements

So Shitrus got animated.

I bought a volume for shits and giggles and perused it. The art is great, the yuri is definitely there, but oh my fucking God, can you say SCHMALTZ. It’s the most dragged out, melodramatic and troperiffic bullshit and I feel so fucking guilty for reading it.

Of course tripe like that got animated. I’ll probably watch it anyway and read the rest of it but…SHEESH.

And I read the summary of Netsuzou…uhhhhh no thanks.

What the Hell is it going to take for an adaptation of Girl Friends or Blooming Into You, like something that actually fucking DESERVES it. That might just be a pipe dream at this point but FUCK.

I REFUSE to believe the industry is still this fucking shallow. sigh

Oh well, it is what it is.

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One of these two many Yuri Nation members had been waiting ages to hear the magic words to while the other one…

Citrus, Volume 1

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Halftime Heat: Flip Flappers

This series is fucking God tier.

After watching 6 episodes of this, I can wait another decade for Kunihiko Ikuhara and Hideaki Anno to make another anime (That isn’t Eva for the latter).

The amount of love and creativity that goes into its visual narrative, what with all of its symbolism, references and the whole of Pure Illusion is absolutely off the charts.

Papika and Cocona are such wonderful and fascinating characters, and even though I ship them so hard I’m genuinely feeling for Yayaka and the art teacher. And I’m scared to death of the organizations they’re all working for, for good reason.

Every week I stream this show with my friends I feel like I’m going into a wacky museum and hopping through painting after painting, never knowing what the fuck will come next and being wonderfully surprised when it does.

I started off watching this just for the animation porn (I’m sure it drives the sakugafags absolutely mad), thinking it would be style over substance. But its not, it has both.

It basically combines the absolute best of Gainax/Trigger, Shaft, Bones and slice of life/yuri tropes into one glorious and fascinating melting pot of potential. It’s pure art. I love it so damn much. I can’t get enough of it.

Definitely my AotS. If all goes well, it’ll be on my top ten by the end.


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At long last we are here and ready to kick off the first of many Halftime Heat “catch up” posts! The idea is simple, briefly discuss all the episodes I missed up to the most recent one as of the post’s writing. Similar to what I did with Mahou Tsukai PreCure a couple of months ago. Let’s kick things off with Flip Flappers!

Papika X Cocona in bed.jpg

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Halftime Heat: Brave Witches

6 episodes in and I’m absolutely loving this series.

I had no doubt that I would from the start since I love Strike Witches unconditionally (and still have many a manga/doujin and novel for the franchise to read), but this show has just come out far better than I expected. So far I’m enjoying it even more than season 1, and it takes place between it and season 2 no less. But the stakes are like that of the movie (well it is the Eastern front after all), and the production quality reaches ALMOST that of the Operation Victory Arrow OVA (only the CG brings it down as its too conspicuous, IMO).

Not to mention everything from the characters to the action sequences are on point, and I love how crafty and sinister the Neuroi in this season are too.

And there’s no shortage of gay either, for sure. Waltrud and Nipa/Sasha are too fucking good. Georgette and Sada-chan don’t fall short either.

SO good, you’ll absolutely love this week’s episode, OG.

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Next anime getting the HH treatment will be the (now mostly) pantless alien tech fighting warriors of the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing.


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7 Million Views Special: OG’s Eurotrip

Whoa man, congrats on 7 million.

And it sounds like you had a lot of fun, I love Barcelona. I’d love to go to Belgium and Holland, and back to Spain one day. Never made it to Mallorca though.

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ralls-poker-face Commander Rall’s excited face to listen to my brief summary.

Here we are again, fans showing me continued support even while on vacation since I hit 7 mil during that time. I don’t know how many times I can repeat the same words but thank you all so much for your continued support! Here’s a little something some of you had been wanting to see.

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