Vacation and Plans Upon My Return

Hope you’re having a great vacation. You’re going to be SO PLEASED with Flip Flappers and Izetta when you get back. WIXOSS and Brave Witches is going strong so far too.

This season is a blessing and I love it oh so much. Can’t wait for you to return and see all the yuriffic glory for yourself.❤

The Yuri Nation

Top Gun Security Officer Cute Mute

Security Officer Cute Mute is here, which means I’m once again off on vacation, starting tomorrow October 10th. This will be a long one and with the guidance, blessings and protection of our Almighty GOD I will return around November 9th. Until then I highly doubt I’ll be writing any episodics, covering games or reviewing anything. Even if I did…let’s face facts. As much as I enjoy posting content here and discussing it with other yuri and Girls Club fans sometimes I need a break from it all. Hopefully if all goes well I’ll have plenty more to talk about upon my return.

alien-sheep-maid 2nd in command of security, Alien Sheep Maid #1.

As far as my coverages when I come back go, I’ll be doing something I’d like to call Halftime Heat for each one. I wonder who can guess what that references without Googling it?…

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