Why Visuals Matter To Me

Oh man, this is such a great post. Some great food for thought here.


Digibro is not my favorite Youtuber, but every once in a while he does make some good points. I have long felt like one of very few anime fans who prize aesthetics as much or more than narrative for certain shows. The idea that “the manga is almost always better” or that the writing is what makes or breaks a show has always felt extremely lopsided to me. I do a lot of writing and reading myself, and I can certainly understand how important it is as one aspect of media, but that’s always all it has been. It is just ONE part of the whole. I have had long discussion with people about why I often don’t find the manga better than the anime version. And it usually boils down to aesthetics. People talk about anime as if it is just telling a story(or maybe more accurately just…

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