10 great anime series for Sakuga fans

Excellent list. It’s very difficult for me to disagree with these especially from the ones I’ve started, and I’ve no doubt that I’ll enjoy the ones I’ve yet to get around to for at least the versatility and abundance of their visuals.


We’ll start with the disclaimer that this is obviously very subjective, but I like lists, and I like animation, and I have honestly not seen anyone else compile a list of shows that are really tailored to those of us who seriously just love animation. So here it is. After what I feel is a suitable amount of research and experience, I have compiled 10 shows(movies might get their own list in the future), that really stand out on the visual front. I thought about delaying this slightly, just so I could include Flip Flappers, should it exceed expectations, but then I’d just run the risk of waiting in perpetuity for the rest of my life, because, fortunately, great looking anime come out nearly every season!

On top of this being a list based solely on anime that I have actually seen, this is also probably going to seem incredibly inadequate…

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