Magical Girl Illya 3rei!! Episode 5: Cold Mud Break

Illya’s truly building a harem of her own. Soon it’ll even surpass her brother’s. Excellent.

This episode was much needed after Kuro’s “tough love/pretend to kill you again and make you think you hurt me so that we can have another mana transfer” and before Darius came out of his castle and we all know how that went down.

I’m starting to ship Illya and Tanaka, but clearly Illya’s heart still belongs to Kuro and Miyu first and foremost.

Erica is adorable but she gave me the wrong vibes. I still pity her regardless. Poor girl just wants to go to the bathroom but can’t do it by herself. Or rather is acting all tsundere about it. And Tanaka won’t buy into any of it. Dawww.

One thing I have to say about Prisma Illya that I’m not going to miss is the lack of comedy and fluff in 3rei, because 2wei had so damn much of it it was distracting. But as things get heated up and even more intense, I’ll start to appreciate the fluff again. I just don’t really watch this show for the humor and it has a lot of jokes that are more of a miss than a hit most of the time. Or just get old after awhile.

Still a good episode though.

The Yuri Nation

We got a bit of a breather this week knowing very well it wouldn’t last long.

Tanaka's drawing.jpg Tanaka is an artist.

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