Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 6: Breaking Point

Yeah no, its not a rehash. Not even close. It’s even funnier when people who weren’t as invested in the original are saying that shit, but they’re totally lying to my face about that if they get so heated and defensive about it (the investment part, that is), lol.

I’m still not as emotionally invested in the narrative as I was with season 1’s around this time, but I’m liking these characters a lot more as a whole. The only wild card right now is Kanan. But I don’t see myself disliking her in the slightest. Now of course the show could go south toward the end of this season, but so far the only slip up is Sunrise being dumb about scuba, but that was only for a brief moment. It hasn’t happened again since. Plus yeah, Honoka made the rain stop, met her future self (and I got Symphogear flashbacks and cried a lot because SAME FUCKING SEIYUU AS KANADE) and Maki became a child (I still don’t really know what happened in that OVA lmao, then again I watched it with no subs). There’s plenty of supernatural shit going on in this world to justify them breathing underwater with scuba, even though its still stupid WHOO MAGICAL REALISM. But that’s not why we watch this series so it can be given a pass.

Episode 6 was…brilliant, tbh. Yes they introduced the “school closing down”, yes they also made a PV…but…instead of over-dramatize their reactions and have them mope about, as maybe somewhat mean-spirited as it may seem to some people (I mean when Chika and Hanamaru just brushed it off like it was nothing I sorta felt that way lol), Chika and the gang merely saw this as an opportunity.

The first PV they decided to do they tried showing their town and what was so great about it, even though it had nothing to do with their school. But it was the setting, and attracting prospective students much like it attracted us viewers, that counts in the end.

But Mari wasn’t satisfied with that, because Chika still didn’t understand what was so great and attractive about their neighborhood.

So they tried the lantern festival, which was the biggest possible highlight in their area, and they made a PV that was as natural as breathing. And it was amazing. No drama required. They found a solution and pushed through with it. I’m sure we’ll see the results next time.

One of my biggest complaints about the original LL as I’ve posted before, is how they did not show or express enough, in my opinion, the passion and importance behind the school for the nine school idols. Honoka loved her school because she met all her friends there and her family had been going there for generations, same with Eli. But nobody else seemed to express that as much, they only went with the flow of what Honoka wanted so to speak.

This didn’t ruin my attachment to the narrative or characters whatsoever, but it definitely lacked in consistency (for season 1 anyway).

Locodol was much better about this, and despite loving LL more as a whole I still get salty thinking about how underrated it is. I’m sure you have those moments too, given how much you love it as well, OG.

Anyway, great episode, solid commentary…if I really have any complaints, its just that we lack in Kanan. KananMari looks amazing from that little flashback to them as kids so I want more of them onscreen lol.

The Yuri Nation

Hoo boy. Let’s discuss something before continuing with the episodic.

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