Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 4: Zura Ruby Ora!

I loved this episode. Hanamaru was way too relatable, damn. And her relationship with Ruby is frigging adorable. I love how much Zuramaru stood up for her against Dia. And oh man when they alluded to Rin that got me so hard lol.

Chika’s harem continues to grow…only time will tell if she’s capable of creating a School Idol Harem worthy of the attention of Grandmaster Honoka, a goddess only surpassed by the likes of Tsubasa Hanekawa and Sonoko Nogi within my heart. I look forward to seeing how School Idol Harem Project 2.0 by the Sea develops. XD

The Yuri Nation

Both loyal followers and diehard μ’s fans know what I’ll say so I need not repeat myself.

The Zura tree.jpg What an adorable Zura tree.

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