Regalia Broadcast Postponed till September

OUCH. I have no idea what to make of this since I didn’t even start it. I did download a few episodes though.

Ah well, hope all goes well with the rebroadcast, at least.

The Yuri Nation

Regalia The Three Sacred Stars Poster

Woke up this morning to some of my peeps informing me of the news.

From ANN source:

The official website for Infinite‘s Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars original television anime series announced on Thursday that the anime will cease broadcast and streaming after its fourth episode (airing on Thursday), and will launch again on September 1. (The restart date will vary depending on the station.) The anime will restart on all television stations that are currently airing the show, although the new television run will start again from the first episode.

The announcement cited the reason for the temporary cessation of the broadcast as there being a “recognizable difference between the show’s planned quality [and the current quality].” The announcement further explained that because it is difficult to cancel the production, the staff will adjust the structure and schedule of the production in order to deliver a better…

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