Magical Girl Illya 3rei Episode 2: Familiar Faces

Oh my God I love Kid Gil and Tanaka so fucking much.

This episode was great. Beatrice was great (I’m just gonna call her Red Ulith because she’s voiced by Rie Kugimiya and literally acts just like her) and mmmmmph her facial expressions. The wait for Kirei being a fake ramen shop owner who only makes mapo tofu was entirely worth it. RIP Illya and Tanaka’s stomach. I wanna make it myself.

Can’t believe the Ainsworths’ atelier is so pristine and peaceful. Hard to believe they’re the ones using Miyu and up to no good. But as Illya said, that’s what makes them so scary.

Punished Shirou…oh wow, I must admit that seeing him in that state made me feel sad. Loved Illya’s speech at the end.

Of course Angelica had to come ruin the party, but she’s hot so she gets a pass.

Can’t wait for more.

The Yuri Nation

While I will miss the naughty loli yuri for its deightful kinkiness AND ESPECIALLY how it made Western audiences cringe to no end, I am interested in following this season’s more serious direction.

Adorable Tanaka

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