Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars Episode 1: Another Cool Mech Show Starring Cute Girls

I’ve not watched many yuri mecha shows (there’s Kannazuki, there’s arguably Diebuster, and then there’s all the mecha musume magical girl anime, but that’s about it for me), so I’m always willing to check another one out.

My friend says this is pretty meh but it has potential on both the yuri scale and general storyline, so we’ll see.

The Yuri Nation

So it has been documented for years that I favor female protagonists in anime over male ones every time. I do not often watch mecha anime but show me one that has a large female cast and I most likely will find something to enjoy. My favorite mecha anime is Rinne no Lagrange. Heck even Cross Ange had some great mecha moments despite my first run not being successful. Point is after confirming there is no male lead in Regalia I was interested. However, I was also concerned because these were the same people that gave us Sora no Method, a show I did not enjoy as much as I wanted to. Ultimately I said “Screw it. Let’s dive right in.” Here we go.

Scary smog mech.jpg

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