187th G-View: Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma☆Illya

I bought this show on a whim last year and finally watched it a few weeks ago. Oh man, I wasn’t disappointed.

This may be the version of Fate/Stay Night I never knew I needed, and was waiting for all along. What started off as a self-aware, shameless parody doujin turned official manga commissioned by Type-Moon with Hollow Arataxia characters and magic systems borrowing plot elements/tropes and relationships from Nanoha and Card Captor Sakura developed into an alternate timeline that was far better than it had any right to be.

I greatly enjoyed it from start to finish, and Archer Illya (and her version of Emiya) was just the most BAMF adorable thing. Also Miyu is best kaleid, and I lament the lack of focus she had in 2wei (another gripe I have with that season which I didn’t mention in my response to your review).

Also aside from the legendary maid fetish scene, this first season was a bit more tame with the fanservice than I thought it would be (except of course, when Ruby replaces “Illya slaughtering” with “Illya bullying”). 2wei changed all of that, but I was grateful that I was being less of a degenerate than I thought I would be watching this, hehehe.

But yeah, way to give best Fate girl her own series. I’ve gotta finish 2wei Herz and then I’m jumping on the 3rei hype train like everyone else.

The Yuri Nation

I was initially unimpressed and saw this show off as a generic mahou shoujo anime with Fate characters. After finishing the first season, has my initial impression improved, or have I remained uncaring toward this show? Let’s find out as I review the first season of Magical Girl Illya. The original title is not worth remembering, so MGC it shall remain till the series’ TV run ends.

Fate-Kalied Liner Prisma Illya Cover

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