Fresh Precure Novel English Translation

Oooooh…very interesting. Gonna have to read this after I finally watch this series. šŸ˜€



As a huge fan of Fresh, I couldnā€™tĀ possiblyĀ leave these pages as runic scripturesĀ for the rest of time. This is the biggest TL project Iā€™ll attempt thus far and is largely going to be a solo effort, so Iā€™m just going to announce beforehand that itā€™ll probably take around 2-3 months. There are fourĀ chapters of roughly equal length across 240 pages, and Iā€™ll be releasing them one at a time.

Before any confusion arises, unlike the Heartcatch novel which consists of Yuriā€™s prologue and an adaption of the rest of the series,Ā this is a new story set a year after the ending of Fresh. This is also aĀ novelization, not a light novel, so there are no illustrations.

Donā€™t forget to get your happiness!

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