Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 1: Love Live X

Sunshine has finally begun!!!❤

So…episode 1. It had some really beautiful animation and lighting on the characters designs, and I loved all the characters introduced so far. Just as I predicted from the very first moment their character profiles were released, Chika and Riko are tied as best girls for me. And they already have a budding miracle romance NOBODY CAN TAKE THIS AWAY FROM ME THOUGH WOW CHIKA AND YOU ARE CUTE TOO AND I CAN DEFINITELY SHIP HANAMARU AND RUBY WITHOUT RESERVATIONS.

I really like Chika’s ambitions more than anything, like they make sense. The whole point of being an idol is to become a star and fulfill your dreams, to shine brighter than anything else. To stop being “normal” and become a goddess or something otherworldly yet still human, doing whatever it takes. And I do think that Chika encapsulates that better than Honoka, because while I loved Honoka from the start due to her energy and charisma, it took her a little while to understand the meaning behind becoming an idol and put all the passion she did into it. But once she did, it was wonderful, of course.

Now, I personally felt like the pacing was better in season 1 episode 1 of the original Love Live! (I’ll fully admit that the bias comes from the fact that they started singing immediately and I’m a huge sucker for that shit) as this episode seemed a little fast, the movements of the characters seemed kind of extreme and erratic to me…

But other than that, I really didn’t have any problems. The callbacks/allusions to Muses were perfect. The OP and ED were great. The whole episode was great and I’m going to rewatch it today.

The Yuri Nation

As I mentioned several times throughout my hype for this anime I have no plans on making this a “Aqours vs Muse” comparison coverage since I’m sure millions of others will do it and there are some diehard Muse fans who irk me.

With that out of the way let’s take a look at what the next generation have to offer after this premiere.

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