Highway Blossoms Review

Adding more things to my Steam wishlist, dammit bro. But yeah, looks good and its going for under 10 bucks and its short, so why not?

Thanks for the review.

The Yuri Nation

Note: Review Copy provided by Alienworks.

In 2015 there had been a resurgence of sorts when it came to yuri anime and games. During that time there were several titles from the Western and Eastern markets that brought great excitement and anticipation for their eventual 2016 release, such as Starlight Vega and Kindred Spirits on the Roof. The following was another one of those hype worthy announcements. After finally becoming available for purchase the question is whether this was another title worthy of its hype or dead on arrival? Let us find out as we take a look at the #YuriRoadTrip #YuriGoldRush #YuriTruckers Kinetic Novel, Highway Blossoms, developed by Alienworks and published by Sekai Project.

Highway Blossoms

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