Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 35: Storming the Enemy Base

I’m at least glad that the Witches 5 came back for one last hurrah. The stuff with the manipulation of their desires and what not reminded me of the mirror labyrinth in the SuperS finale, but this was much quicker and less subtle. And yes, the villains in the manga REALLY like to torture Usagi by making her think her Senshi would turn against her. It never works, but it happens so many times its depressing. ;_;

Anyway, the Outers are being pessimistic poopyheads, but don’t worry, Sailor Moon will show them that they don’t have to take an innocent child’s life in order to save the world.

RIP Kaorinite. You died an ugly, jealous witch.

Still don’t like seeing Tomoe not being laughing mad and evil at the core instead of just while being possessed, but eh, whatever.

Next up, seeing Mistress 9 get royally fucked by the power of loli lesbian love. Swallowing the Crystal along with Hotaru’s soul is going to be a mistake she will regret dearly.

The Yuri Nation

Last week’s episode left viewers feeling pretty gloomy. How did this episode follow it up?

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