Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 34: Painful Revelation

Wow, I’m weeks behind. But now that I finally watched this episode, I feel way better.

The exposition and Super Sailor Moon’s transformation has finally arrived, eh?

Honestly, I’ve always hated the Outers attitudes, even though they made sense in the overall scheme of what’s happening. They’ve got their excuse to be so aloof, but I still don’t like it. If anything, I hate how they as a group cast a shadow over the Inners presence onscreen. Everyone except them, Usagi, Hotaru and Chibiusa has basically become Akari.:/

Haruka and Setsuna are still lovely though.

I wasn’t really sure why they were so concerned about Saturn awakening to destroy the Silver Millennium after it was already destroyed, but then I thought about it and well, basically, Sailor Saturn is basically the Senshis’ all out worst case scenario secret weapon, which is literally them giving up on life (and love) because the enemy wins. In other words, the talismans will basically summon her whether or not Pharaoh 90 and the Death Busters succeed in destroying/assimilating with Earth, which is why Hotaru has to die.:/

Of course they didn’t account for Mistress 9 possessing her, but we learn about that after she takes Chibiusa’s Silver Crystal. Totally didn’t see that coming.

This was a great episode regardless, and I’m very pleased with this adaptation. As I’ve said before, I really do get the feeling that I’m watching Sailor Moon again, even though its not as “fun”. Well of course since its all seriousness from here on out, its not supposed to be, but I miss the balance of comedy and grimdark that the 90s version of this season had. In addition, seeing the Pure Hearts extracted from innocent civilians and the tension between the Inners and Outers over sacrificing one life to save many (which is here too but its explicitly centered on them and Hotaru whereas the 90s version made almost everyone onscreen vulnerable to that crisis and mindset) is a little more interesting to me than this version, which while being flashy and intense still feels fairly black and white despite the obvious grey in between. Idk.

But oh well, once its over I can rewatch that (you’re really missing out G man, just saying) and still enjoy it and Infinity as their own separate things.

And as always, I’m enjoying your unbiased coverage of each episode, so that’s another plus with this season for me.

The Yuri Nation

Last week we left our heroines reenacting Captain America 3 while facing off with their toughest opponent so far this season. With the Sailor Guardians engaged in heated combat, how would the future Royal Family overcome this dilemma?

Super Sailor Moon.jpg Super Sailor Moon.

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