293rd G-View: Hai-Furi

My friend said this series is a good companion to watch with Girls und Panzer, so when I finally get around to watching that, I’ll watch this as well. Whether they’re anything alike or not doesn’t matter to me.

I am just really glad this didn’t turn out to be another Kancolle and ended up being something of its own that you guys really enjoyed. ❤

The Yuri Nation

What was initially expected to another Girls Club anime that took place on ships ended up being something almost entirely different. This is Hai-Furi or High School Fleet in the West.

Hai-Furi Cover

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295th G-View: Sansha Sanyou

Honestly, it looks fun. That’s all I can really say about it in the end.

I’ll check it out soon.

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The following anime looked pretty but a part of me was kind of wary of the “elephant in the room” that is on the upper right corner of the below image. Was the show enjoyable despite his presence? Let us find out as we take a look at Sansha Sanyou, aka Three Leaves, Three Colors in the West.

Sansha Sanyou Cover.jpg

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294th G-View Pan de Peace

Eh, I saw the first episode and liked it.

All I was expecting was bread and lesbians in 3 minutes each week, and it seems like I got that. So that’s good enough for me. I don’t expect another Koufuku Graffiti (which I still need to watch btw) anyway.

The Yuri Nation

Here is quick and easy show to review. Pan de Peace.

Pan de Peace Cover.jpg

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Starlight Vega Review

Yeah, this is going on the wishlist too.

The Yuri Nation

Note: Review copy provided by Razz.

UPDATE: Apparently some players reported there being bugs in the game. The devs took notice and are working on a patch to fix the issue.

Here we have another highly anticipated yuri visual novel that was set to come out in 2016. Question is whether it was worth the hype even after a couple of delays? That is what we are about to find out as we take a look at Razzart Visual‘s Starlight Vega, published by Sekai Project.

Starlight Vega Logo.jpg

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