Sailor Moon Crystal episode 33: Buried Sorrow

Actually don’t have much to say about this week’s episode of Crystal tbh. It was good, much better than last week’s for sure.

Cyborg! Hotaru though sheesh. Can’t believe that’s a thing but well, Naoko did some drugs back in the day. Sometimes it had an effect on her writing, sometimes it didn’t. And God why are the Outers acting so ridiculous like “Oh we’re trying to protect you so stay out of our way!” like come on guys, really? Okay the reality is that I do know why they’re being like this, but it always annoyed me in either incarnation. So much so that I have never and won’t feel sympathy for when they scrape with death and Usagi comes in saving their asses, showing them what fools they were for refusing her help when in such a crisis situation such as Infinity arc’s, friendship and teamwork is exactly what everyone’s favorite aloof and cynical loner lesbians need lol.

Cyprine and Pithiol (sp?) made things interesting with the Inners and Outers fighting against one another, and actually survived to the end of this episode. Thank God. That was a nice change of pace.

And of course we have to wait until next week to see Super Sailor Moon. It’ll be well worth it surely.

The Yuri Nation

The time has finally come for the newcomers to properly introduce themselves and tell everyone what was going on.

The three new guardians explaining themselves.jpg

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