Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 31: Excellence Returns

The sooner I can get used to the fact that this is a different continuity than what I’m used to watching (90s show, just started Stars) the better. Because that’s just how it is. I wish Rei had more of a presence in this version, and I still can’t get used to her design.

Well, Haruka was a rock star this episode as always, really. I liked her interactions with Usagi the most. Clearly she cares deeply about her but keeps her distance regardless. Remind you of anyone hah hah anyway.

I’m glad that Mamoru and her got over that misunderstanding pretty quickly, no thanks to Chibiusa’s help. The Grail is so pretty, and it definitely doesn’t have any wicked intentions behind it oh no.

Viluy was nice to see again even if it was only for a short while, I forgot how pretty she was.

I would say Ami was the real star of this episode did she not end up trapped and having to be bailed out by Mars and Jupiter. That was a little annoying to me. But whatever. I’m kinda glad that Usagi didn’t have to rely on her magic this time though, its a nice change of pace.

Haruka and Michiru’s transformations were redrawn from the 90s and look fabulous, only thing missing is their godly leitmotif. ;_;

Seeing Motoki and Reika again was a nice surprise, I’ve always been particularly fond of them (especially since the last time I saw them was the horseback riding episode of SuperS which was soooooo good but the feels man).

Pluto/Setsuna showing up at the end though❤

New Moon is being sung by a different voice(s) this time, its not Etsuko Yakushimaru anymore. I’ll have to find out who sang it but I like this version quite a bit.

The new ED…ehhh…you want to talk about something that doesn’t really fit this arc this is it. I love Chibiusa, I love Misato Fukuen but this new ED and the visuals that accompany it doesn’t do anything for me. Oh well. It might be better if I knew what the lyrics meant.

Looking forward to next week for more Chibitaru playdates, that bitch Telulu and of course the Outer I’ve been waiting for the most other than Saturn, PLUTO/SETSUNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

Anyway this episode was as good as always and they’ve been doing a great job, but it didn’t blow me away like the first two and the last one did. I shouldn’t really expect every episode to though, so its fine. They’re still delivering like they’re supposed to.

The Yuri Nation

Even more HaruMichi “FABULOUSNESS” and a personal treat near the end.

Neptune ready to make some noise.jpg Sailor Neptune ready to make some noise.

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