Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 30: Fabulousness Unleashed

Much MUCH better this week, not that last week’s was bad or anything because it wasn’t. But this episode was just way better IMO, on par with the first two.

Usagi determining Uranus’ identity as Haruka after being kissed by her and seeing her as both a man and a woman (that makes Haruka very pleased I’m sure), Chibiusa bonding with Hotaru and healing her pain with her Silver Crystal, and Minako fangirling over Mimete and genderbending were all an absolute joy to watch. Hearing Michiru’s violin melody and seeing them all dressed up was also quite a treat.

The fight this week was also way better, and seeing all five of the Senshi get to use their attacks was excellent. They also didn’t have all of them transform at once, and that was a smart move.

I’m not as upset about Mimete being gone so quickly because as you said, there’s nothing I can do about it. And I don’t care about her as much as Eudial. If this season had a few more episodes they could flesh the villains out a lot more filler or no filler be damned, just like the 90s anime did. But its not a big deal. She still put up a good fight in the end…but owww did that World Shaking fuck her up good. Loved when the Outers came in to save Chibiusa from her blast.

Not really much else to say about this episode, honestly. But I think that’s a good thing, in my case. Less to complain about, and that’s encouraging.

Welp, next week Usagi continues questioning her sexuality and has her relationship with Mamoru in crisis, the Talismans and the Holy Grail are fully revealed, Chibiusa (and Hotaru) keeps being adorable and the Outers awesome as always. Can’t wait.

The Yuri Nation

Another week, another great outing by the three mega-stars.

Money shot 3

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