Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 29: Fetching Circumstances

Sooo Crystal season 3 episode 3 talk back time?

I liked it, but it felt a little weak in comparison to the last two. The highlights are/were probably the various divination sessions the characters were having, Mako wanting to celebrate Rei’s birthday (the episode literally aired the day after <3) and taking everyone up into the mountains to find her (Oh man that fucking callback, I don't even know if it was intentional or not but <3), Chibiusa getting flustered and talking about how pretty Hotaru is (its love at first sight AND YOU CAN'T TELL ME OTHERWISE!) and of course seeing Hotaru in pain (ORIGINAL MOE SUFFERING ONLY MAKES ME WANT TO PROTECT HER EVEN MORE, FUCK YOU TOMOE AND PHARAOH 90).

Having known about the fact that in the manga, Souichi is worst dad and Kaorinite is best surrogate mom (unlike in S where it was the opposite, bless you Ikuhara, also 90s Professor Tomoe best mad scientist in magical girl anime get rekt Ver and Jail you massive wannabe cucklords), that will take some getting used to. But I can handle it. I don't like it but I can handle it.

Frankly, I wasn't as excited as everyone else (manga readers) seemed to be with Haruka flirting with/FUCKING KISSING Usagi and Michiru flirting with Mamoru, though its not like I really didn't expect it. Mako and Haruka having a rivalry instead of the former being instantly smitten/admiring the latter, now that I did like a lot actually, especially Mako's reactions to getting shown up. Ami Koshimizu plays her so damn well in this. And Haruka is just so smug, she's just the best. ❤

And then the REALLY big thing that just AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH MAKES ME SO FUCKING MAD is the fact that Eudial enacted her first plot and then got KILLED OFF. That was just so annoying for me because she's my absolute favorite Sailor Moon villain and it was just SO fast. The fight scene also really wasn't that great, though Rei got to use Mars Fire Snake and that was badass (even if it was completely ineffective against a Fire Mage like Eudial). :/

But whatever, next episode we get Mimete and I love that bitch, so I'll get over it.

So yeah, all in all a good episode, but certain biases keep me from really enjoying it as much as I want to. But Rei and Mako fucking shined, Haruka is a flawless handsome sexy ass lesbian flirt as always and Chibitaru going stronk, so I can't really complain too much.

The Yuri Nation

The subtitle will make sense after watching the episode.

As always it’s fun watching this show along with Dr Animaniac

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