The Child bound to the Statue – Nadeko Sengoku and Jizo

Huh. Nadeko Snake is probably my least favorite arc of Monogatari, not because of Nadeko but just how I don’t find it nearly as compelling as others and I strongly dislike how it ends as well. But this article shed some new light on the arc that I didn’t look at before, especially since I find most people don’t really take her seriously as a character (like myself) until when she invites Koyomi to her house while her parents aren’t home in Nise, or in Otori when her infamous transformation that turned her into ‘worst girl’ begins.

I did not even notice the Jizo statues at first, that is a super interesting piece of cultural context that strengthens the narrative of that arc. I’m gonna have to take another look at this based on what you said.

Very insightful and well written, though.

Senpai Coast to Coast

It’s a common practice in Monogatari fandom – ‘best girl’ ranking. Logic takes a spectator’s seat to the side; watching, but rarely taking part in the tumult of opinion and maelstrom of emotion. There are a few clear heads that stand above all the rest, this much is true, but I think I stand alone in defense of Nadeko Sengoku, the arc Nadeko Snake being one of the most thematically driven and narrative tight arcs of that first series.

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