Shinbo is Dead: A New Generation of Shaft

Oh God this one is fantastic…I’m going to have to come back to it though…I’m not 100 percent sure how and if I’m going to respond to it, and I have yet to see enough Shaft anime to properly support this claim (that Shinbo is dead).

Wave Motion Cannon

There are many misconceptions among Western fans about Akiyuki Shinbo and his role at Shaft. Most mainstream anime-watchers venerate him as though he is the sole director at the studio and English sources frequently support that assertion. Indeed, Shinbo is credited as the director for almost all Shaft series that have pages on Wikipedia, and even ANN rarely references anyone else in Shaft-related articles.

While the notion of Shinbo being the only director at Shaft is plainly wrong, I can see why such a myth is perpetuated. In most series produced by the studio he is credited as director (監督) or chief director (総監督), and his style has had a massive influence overall. People tend to interpret this as meaning he is the primary director, having more creative input than anyone else, when in actuality he is simply following the role of studio leader that has helped Shaft stay so…

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