I Love You Too, Monogats

I think I can completely get on board with your thoughts about Monogatari as well. Picking apart all the reasons why I love it just doesn’t do it justice.

But if I really had to, I’d go with the following points:

-The writing is so unique, to me, just because its all dialogue conveying narrative tension of both a comedic and dramatic persuasion. All of the subtext in the text, the inner voice, the stream of consciousness style of writing…its just so unorthodox, and not to sound like a hipster here, but that’s most of all what makes it compelling. That and I love how tongue in cheek and self-aware it is. The humanism is also a big thing, because the way the conversations are conducted despite being staged, they sound and look like how conversations between real people are connected especially when they go off topic/on tangents. As someone who has experienced social ineptitude in the past, this always used to annoy me when I tried to conduct discussions with people, but through Monogatari I’ve come to respect and even appreciate that this is just how people communicate.

-Every character in the cast stands out and belies more than a specific surface archetype, and I feel that each one of them drives the narrative as much as the other. I surely like some more than others, especially as people, but it is undeniable that Monogatari has one of my favorite cast of characters in all of anime/fiction itself.

-I don’t really need to say anything about the visuals and audio that you haven’t already said, but I do love that the background art direction never fails to be relevant to what the characters are discussing/doing or keep me entertained even during long moments of infodumping/exposition/staying in one location that would probably lose my interest in any other show.

-And lastly, its probably that the series strongly compliments my own life philosophy, and I appreciate it for existing because of that alone.

But as you said, none of this breaking it down and trying to explain each element of the series and why it works does it justice. It’s about the experience, and virtually nothing more, nothing less.

Great article you wrote here.

Wave Motion Cannon

Monogatari loves me, and I love it right back. Yet, until recently, I couldn’t really tell you why I loved it.

I could try, but I couldn’t convey my feelings to my satisfaction. There was always some inexpressible something I couldn’t get across. Certainly, I have never been short of positive things to say about the series. In fact, it’s always been easy to express why I like Monogatari: it’s a layered, ever-twisting tale of non-archetypal and broken characters struggling against the idea that they alone can’t fix their fucked-up-ness. Welcome to my wheelhouse.

But, there’s a bunch of stuff in my wheelhouse that I don’t feel super strongly about, stuff that doesn’t resonate as deeply with me as Monogats. What is it about this thing that grabs me so tightly? The fact that I couldn’t adequately express my Monigatari-related thoughts and feelings was actually a bit troubling because it…

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