Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity: Impressions of a Manga Reader- Act 27: Premonition Part 2 Review/Discussion

This was a great episode, and the only thing I’d really point out as a problem I have is exactly what you said, about transformation sequences take up way too much screentime. As much as I love them, that is an issue, but for nostalgic, aesthetic and traditional reasons I don’t want them taken out. They are so gorgeous and its even better that they look so much like the the ones from the 90s anime. But ideally, they really shouldn’t take up so much screentime since they’re not needed for stock footage anymore. I’m really conflicted. ;-;

Additionally, I was SO THRILLED when they brought back the older attacks from the 90s anime as well. That was so nostalgic and they were so unbelievably pretty and it just made me so happy.

I also caught that the three parts of the Sankakutsu were named after the Outers. That’s interesting…I suppose that’ll be touched upon later.

I love the Witches 5, I’m so glad to finally see them again. Eudial is so sexy. ❤

The one thing that's bizarre to me is Hotaru saying "Who the Hell are you?" I don't really remember her having ever spoken like that (it just doesn't seem in her character), but then again, the manga and S are different beasts…and I'm only familiar with the latter atm.

On my first viewing I do have to admit that I felt like some of the transitions weren’t as clean as in the previous episode, but I didn’t feel that way on the second viewing.

Your coverage of it is pretty solid, and I’m looking forward to seeing more HaruMichi and Chibitaru in the next few episodes too. As I've not read the manga up to this point I'll let you be my guide in case the adaptation leaves out some stuff, but so far they haven't missed anything.


Here we are again for another episode of SMC Infinity! This is the title I’ve chosen and I’m sticking with it. I know I said I was going to wait a few days, but I’m going to post this now so that I can discuss with OG Man, who’s also covering the show on his blog. I’ll be discussing this episode and how it compares to the manga, so naturally it’ll have spoilers of just the relevant material, not future manga material. So let’s get into it.


So here we have our official introduction to the Witches 5, who are asked by Kaolinite to take down the Senshi and they will be leveled up in return.  They are the best group of villains without a doubt and the prettiest as well in my opinion.


This shows a map of the Infinity District, which includes the Mugen Academy at it’s…

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