Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 28: I’m Batman

Not sure how Black Moon Clan arc developed Chibiusa since I haven’t watched it/read the manga up to that part, but the reason that Chibiusa acts the way she does toward Usagi and Mamoru is because despite them being her parents a thousand years into the future, she doesn’t consider their present day incarnations to be the same people. While it doesn’t excuse her actions and attitudes toward them, it makes them more understandable. I for one, find them amusing, but understand why others don’t.

I can understand why you currently dislike her though, as she took some time to grow on me as well. But I assure you that through her interactions with Hotaru and fighting alongside her mother she will get a lot of development and growth to her character in the next two seasons. She will definitely grow on you after everything you’re about to see transpire, she certainly did on me.

This was a great episode, and the only thing I’d really point out as a problem I have (but more of a concern that’s extremely minor but no less important to bring up) is that the transformation sequences take up way too much screentime. As much as I love them, that is an issue, but for nostalgic, aesthetic and traditional reasons I don’t want them taken out. They are so gorgeous and its even better that they look so much like the the ones from the 90s anime.

Additionally, I was SO THRILLED when they brought back the older attacks from the 90s anime as well. That was so nostalgic and they were so unbelievably pretty and it just made me so happy.

On my first viewing I do have to admit that I felt like some of the transitions weren’t as clean as in the previous episode, but I didn’t feel that way on the second viewing.

Your coverage of it is pretty solid, and I’m looking forward to seeing more Harumichi and Chibitaru in the next few episodes too.

The Yuri Nation

After a (thankfully) well received premiere the hype for the next episode was (again thankfully) high so let’s see what happens.

Mugen Academy Student Usagi

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