Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 27: Dashing Re-Debut

For the first time in a long time, the season premiere of the third story arc of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal, has made me feel like I’m actually watching the Sailor Moon I know and love once again.

There was next to nothing to complain about with this premiere. It had everything I wanted and more. It astonished me, it floored me, it surpassed my expectations and most importantly, it DELIGHTED me. It is probably the strongest premiere for a currently airing/broadcasting anime I have seen in a long time.

Whatever mistakes Toei made with the first two seasons seem to have vanished completely. It’s a fresh coat of paint, and you can’t even tell that its covering an old coat. Because it was just that good.

Act 27 – Infinity Arc: Premonition Part 1 seamlessly blended the storyline and atmosphere of the original manga, the aesthetic and tone of both the opening acts of Crystal and the 90s anime (how could I forget the remastered hand drawn transformation sequences with several visual motifs and eyecandy added that weren’t present in the originals), and the characterizations and interactions of all continuities of Sailor Moon. Topped off with the stylish and soothing new OP by Etsuko Yakushimaru and the Haruka x Michiru duet ED composed and arranged by meg rock, its imagery calling to mind Revolutionary Girl Utena…

It really couldn’t have made me happier.

P.S. Mars is love, Mars is life. You have great taste, bro.

The Yuri Nation

I said I’d only discuss episodes featuring the three mega stars relevant to the Nation but I changed my mind and decided to cover the whole thing regardless of how much or little screen time said stars would have per episode. Also I’ll have fun discussing the show with my fellow SM Crystal fan, Dr Animaniac and anyone else interested in this season.

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