Kindred Spirits on the Roof Anime Petition

Definitely supporting this.

The Yuri Nation

You never know. Amazing things have happened in this life.

UPDATE: Liar-Soft themselves sent a message stating that they are indeed listening so let us crank up our voices Nation!

Sachi's - For Yuritopia - Declaration CG

Let us all do a triumphant fist pump along with Sachi for a #Yuritopia anime! It could not hurt to try. The game sold pretty well as far as niche titles go so why not petition for a Kindred Spirits on the Roof anime now that it has a broader audience outside of Japan?

It could not be that hard to make a yuri anime without the love scenes. It is not impossible. When the time comes have the couples make out and initiate one. Tease the audience enough without showing any private parts. As far as material goes there is plenty to work with. Not only the main game and extra chapters but also the sequel manga and theā€¦

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