Yuri Talk: Japan’s Top 10 Yuri Anime List

Interesting list. Can’t say I’m pleased at the inclusion of Sakura Trick and Strawberry Panic, but I also can’t say I’m surprised at them being there either. Meh, but that’s just me personally. I’ll finish Sakura Trick one day I guess.

I am glad that YKA, Utena (though its more than just yuri, but whatever) and Pandora made the list though, as I was afraid they weren’t very popular in Japan (though of course I keep forgetting, despite BD/DVD sales contributing to an anime’s success nowadays, that doesn’t mean that online polls and merchandising aren’t a factor in keeping a show relevant even when its not doing as well commercially perhaps due to lack of mainstream interest). I still need to finish VD, but yes, I’m sure the show did what it was supposed to for its intended target audience lmao.

Still haven’t seen a couple of these yet, but I think I definitely agree with Yuru Yuri being #1. It is definitely a show that I think is accessible for all yuri fans, whether they like comedy/slice of life or action/drama. Though I know some people who think otherwise, but meh, they’re weird. I definitely agree that a season 4 (Hell, them fully catching up to the manga even) would make the show an instant classic, if it isn’t already.

Nice list as always dude.

The Yuri Nation

This list is based on an online poll found here sponsored by Akiba Souken on the “Anime Portal” website during the month of February 2016. There were 20 yuri themed anime to choose from (Mainly Grade 1 and 2 shows) and fans could only pick 3. Out of 4884 votes, the following were the top 10 ranked shows.

WARNING! I’ll be having some fun in this post.

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