Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 Official Trailer Review, I’m Fangirling!!!!

Yeah, this definitely looks like a massive improvement. It shows effort, and it actually looks like something I want to watch. I haven’t read the manga arc its gonna be based off of, but hopefully after this I won’t need to.

And the HaruMichi and Chibitaru, oh man I’m so ready for it.


Good Morning everyone! I bring an awesome gift. It’s the first official trailer of SMC Season 3! At long last we get to see Neptune, Uranus and Hotaru in their beautiful glory and the new art style which I think looks great. It really is a compromise between the first 2 seasons and the 90’s. The animation isn’t the only changes they’re making though. They are also getting rid of those CGI animations (so maybe people will finally stop complaining about them) and are replacing them with brand new 2D ones. SM’s Moon Spiral Attack is also getting a new, full animation. The series will start on April 4th, but no confirmation yet on who will be streaming. I’m going to post the most important images from the trailer and discuss them, so please watch the video first that I’ve posted just below this line.


Here’s the Title and as we…

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