Girls Club Bonanza 2016 Round 2

Dunno about some of these, but I’ll be keeping Pan de Peace, Amanchu!! and Magical Girl Raising Project on my radar of course. And I am definitely hyped for Brave Witches and Crystal season 3 if I wasn’t already.

I’m…skeptical about Hai Furi. It could either be another KanColle or it could be…a Moe Waterworld, as someone once described it. Well at least there’s no Kevin Costner or moe version of him this time. XD

Oh and Bakuon!! Girls on motorbikes sounds fine by me. XD

The Yuri Nation

A lot of announcements, trailers and the like have popped up this week. I wasn’t planning on covering more but there’s so much that I figured I might as well. This is going to be a long one.

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