Yuri Kuma Arashi Episode 6: Burning Moonlight

To be able to switch from absurdist social commentary and slapstick humor that makes you laugh until you can’t breathe to surreal drama that puts you on the verge of tears is a specialty of Ikuhara’s. And he managed to do that with this episode while being absolutely sincere. The Invisible Storm is a horrible thing, but it is a realistic thing. That our race would be so bold as to shun others like themselves because the one key difference is that they would rather love and be themselves in private than in public.

The storytelling motif with the Moon Girl and Forest Girl is something that has me worried, but Ikuhara always does this and everything turns out…relatively fine in the end. Who knows, maybe we’ll get a happy ending for once.

Sumika’s love is very admirable, however, I can’t help but be…concerned with her sacrificing herself like that…or knowing that she was going to die and they were going to come and get Kureha. There’s still a lot of mysteries here.

I wonder who Kaoru’s lover is. It’s either the headmaster or Mitsuko. Who else could it be? I hate that bitch though holy shit.

Oh dear…Ginko jumping into the fire like that…well shit, here comes those Penguindrum feels again. I’m a sucker for characters who will do anything for love (and taco) so…

It’s almost physically painful to try and wait week after week for each episode. But I shall endure the suffering along with the characters and their own uncertainties. As a token of my gratitude to them. That is sexy. Shabada-doo!

Great review as always, G.

The Yuri Nation

Quite the cliffhanger we had last week. Wonder how will they follow it up?

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