Yuri Kuma Arashi Episode 4: The Legend of Lulu: Earthbound Claws

Wow. There really isn’t that much to say other than how Mutopis and Elkat’s analyses blew me away and I don’t think I can top them, really.

Possibly because of how shit my Internet was last night, but all of that completely went over my head even if I was probably thinking it subconsciously. Wow. I really have nothing to say to that other than I’m feeling even better about this show than I already was and Lulu is literally my favorite girl.

But yeah I think I find it the most interesting here that Ikuhara is introducing a sibling conflict with the sister NOT admiring the brother which is usually how his shows END as a form of self-actualization that they were being controlled by their perceptions of a family member who actually WASN’T who they thought they were. But the themes and storytelling techniques he’s using haven’t really changed. I just think what I love the most is how its contributing to Lulu’s development so early on in the show and it feels…realistic, even though its in a fantastical setting.

Lulu is such a relateable character who at first seems so silly and like she doesn’t take anything seriously, but this episode proves otherwise. I cannot gush over it enough.

Sorry I’m not much of a conversationalist today. I simply just don’t have much to say that hasn’t already been said. :/

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