The Gift That Keeps on Giving: Revolutionary Girl Utena and the Be Papas Diaspora That uh, Revolutionized Anime (From Goldfish Warning, from Evangelion, to FLCL, to Princess Tutu, to Mawaru Penguindrum)

I’ve nothing else to say.

We Remember Love

Revolutionary Girl Utena cast Adolescence of Utena

Well, not quite a diaspora and not really a revolution… but the accomplishments of the group of people who eventually made Revolutionary Girl Utena together and then moved on to make other shows awe me. Yes, the kind of awesome that actually fills me with awe (as opposed to common usage that translates to “pretty nice” that inspires a person to uh, click the “like” button on Facebook) . Yes, awe. These guys made awesome things, and we made an awesome chart to show you who was involved in what shows that came before and after Revolutionary Girl Utena.

You’ll have to open the image in a new tab because it is frickin’ HUGE.

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