Yuri Kuma Arashi Episode 2: “Kuma Shock!” to the Max

I’m gonna be perfectly honest, I’m falling in love with Lulu too. She’s just SO ADORABLE. Ungh, prez is totally best girl though. I don’t think I’m gonna be able to get her saying “Tenkosei” and “GAO GAO” out of my head any time soon.

This episode was really fantastic. I sort of love how Ikuhara is just taking advantage of the shorter running time and throwing all the puzzle pieces at us in such a way that its less cryptic, so to speak. Also the fact that the Court of Severance and lily licking is being used as stock footage OMFG XD. Looking forward to that every week.

Lulu bathing and sniffing Ginko’s butt is absolutely adorable. So was Ginko seducing Kureha.

Also NOW I’m pretty sure Sumika is dead but I could be wrong. Ikuhara always surprises me like this.

The one thing I’m mad about is that Prez’s raccoon girlfriend (who was kinda ugly LOL) is gone so my Madoka x Ryuko ship (That’s what I called it, Aoi and Ami Koshimizu XD ) is totally SUNK but meh.

I’m not gonna bore you with an analysis post/commentary but I’ll just say I look forward to next week’s episode and I’m kind of hoping the Invisible Storm doesn’t turn out to be like the Child Broiler.

Also that teacher is really giving me the creeps. And I got a feeling Kureha’s mom is still alive.

The Yuri Nation

So last week’s episode was a gloriously weird start to my AOTS (for now). How much weirder could it get this week?

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