Yuri Kuma Arashi Episode 1: Invasion of the Lily Snatchers

All I’m gonna say is that if Sumika comes back, she’s going to be a very different person than she was when you met her. Ikuhara loves to break his cuties.

KUMA SHOCK! I’ve been waiting over two damn years for this anime. And oh boy did it deliver. The first episode is everything I ever dreamed it would be and more.

I just hope 12 episodes is enough for this. Let’s see how it goes.

Life Sexy is my husband. Ginko makes me wish I was a girl. I want her to eat me too! GAO GAO. 😛

The Yuri Nation

So YKA premiered today…and the English subs will be delayed until Funimation decides to sub it, a day after the premiere. Wonderful…Oh well, Spanish subs it is.

Yeah…the EN subs came out before I finished this episodic.

Do keep in mind that these episodics will be based on a non-Ikuharan speaker, meaning I have no idea how his mind works and will use my limited understanding in an attempt to piece together what’s going on in the coming weeks.

Also here’s a fun drinking game for some: Take a shot every time someone says “yuri” in the episode, OP and ED.

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