12 Days of Anime

Hello all! It’s Barty again, and this time I’m back for real.

I mentioned several months ago on my About page that after over a year and a half following my last original post (that’s not a reblogged post from another blog I follow with my response), a reflection on both seasons of JoJo’s Bizare Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders upon having completed it, I would finally return to blogging on this website instead of strictly on my other social media platforms.

Yeah, two to three months went by and that still didn’t happen. But I have written a lot since then, so there’s no shortage of stuff for me to talk about. It just needs to get published on here, instead of/as well as on Facebook or Twitter.

And that brings me to the subject of this post. Because I needed the incentive to get back to blogging, how convenient is it that the 12 Days of Anime project has finally come along again.

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Yuri Talk: The Akiba Research Institute Yuri Poll

This list puzzles me, though I can’t really object to most of the choices (I’m definitely a big “fuck no” on Kuttsukiboshi, Love to Lie Angle, Netsuzou Trap and Mai-HiME though as well).

There’s a lot of shows on here I haven’t watched or finished yet, but none I would really contest the yuri content of from what I’m aware of. My rankings would just be…significantly different.

I’m going to disagree with you, Madoka SHOULD be on here because of the movies, but so should Nanoha and YuYuYu. Raising Project I’d only add for Top Speed x Ripple and Snow White x La Pucelle, I didn’t get invested in Sister Nana and Weiss Winterprison’s relationship at all (and I read the novel instead of finishing the anime). Site I’m not going to watch but from manga readers I’m sure the yuri is plentiful enough for people.

I like Maria+Holic, but it definitely doesn’t belong here. It’s a parody of Marimite and Class S tropes (a far better one than Strawberry Panic! IMO) but hardly one that makes any statement on the genre, and I’m not even sure there are any yuri elements beyond Kanako’s lesbianism and the all girls school.

Black Rock Shooter and Pandora in the Crimson Shell I like as well, but I don’t think they really belong on this list. I don’t understand why Blue Drop is on here at all. And as much as I like Kannamiko still, we’ve had so many better shows since, I don’t feel like it needs to be on here. At least, I don’t think it should be ranked that high.

This REALLY needs Symphogear, Flip Flappers! and Kashimashi (which I still need to finish) though. Utena and Yurikuma are JARRINGLY low, and I would completely flip the ranking so that Citrus is on the bottom (although I might still watch the anime one day, what I’ve read/heard of the manga was a huge turnoff).

Tbh all this list really established was that I need to watch more Hidamari Sketch and finish Yagakimi, Kashimashi and Sakura Trick, finally watch Kase-san, Konohana Kitan, Maria-sama ga Miteru, El Cazador de la Bruja, Akanesasu Shoujo, Seraphim Call, Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san, Simoun, Aoi Hana and Sasameki Koto (and read the manga for both), Saki, Bodacious Space Pirates, and Lagrange I guess. Oh and not on here but I also want to see Happy Sugar Life.

The Yuri Nation

Between February 26 to March 13, 2019 the Akiba Research Institute of Japan conducted research to determine which yuri anime/anime with yuri content were the most popular in Japan, up to the year 2018 of course. It was obviously in Japanese but luckily ANN (The site sucks but beggars can’t be choosers) translated the results and I am here to briefly talk about every single poll result.

Note: The following are MY OPINIONS. ME, YO, IK, MOI, AMI, EU, BOKU. Nowadays certain readers need to be reminded of this to avoid unnecessary complaining.

Citrus Cover Take a wild guess where Citrus ranked at.

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Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Coming to the West in Summer 2019

I’m actually overjoyed by this, mainly bc I’m excited for the anime (even if I’m no longer as into Madoka as I used to be and try to keep my once fervent passion for it dormant) but also because while I have faith in the adaptation, I have no guarantee that I won’t want to follow along with the MagiReco storyline alongside it.

I stopped playing on my JP account primarily bc of region lock but also bc the gameplay was identical to FGO’s and I didn’t want TWO of those on my phone lol. The Wiki and Youtube has a lot of translated cutscenes but now that the game is getting a localization I don’t have to go out of my way to read those transcripts or watch those videos when I’m too lazy lol.

Anyway yes, this is great news, but I’d be even happier if YuYuYui and XDU (though I hate the gameplay) got similar treatments. Also Monogatari PucPuc (not magical girl related per se, but another mobage for an Aniplex work I really love that I want to be able to play in my native language).

The Yuri Nation

I shouldn’t be surprised the Meduca Meguca mobile game is coming to the West but there you go. It’s convenient as the game is getting an anime this year.

Magia Record Cover.jpg

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Who is Harukappa? — Random thoughts and the visuals of Sarazanmai’s cold open

atelier emily

“I never asked anyone to understand me! This is my own business. It’s the connection between me and Harukappa. For that, I’ll pretend to be anything!”

-Kazuki Yasaka, Sarazanmai, Episode 1

Naturally, some of the questions inspired by Kazuki Yasaka’s outburst is of Harukappa, who they are, and what Kazuki’s relationship or connection to them is exactly.

The short answer is that Harukappa is Harukawa Yasaka, a kid who lives with Kazuki and is likely Kazuki’s younger sibling.

(a few mild spoilers for Mawaru Penguindrum, specifically Episode 9)

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You and I are connected by ア —Sarazanmai Episode 1

atelier emily

“The more boxes you have, the happier you’ll be! Take a Happy Selfie, send it to your special someone, and you’ll be even happier, dish~”

-Sara Azuma, Sarazanmai, Episode 1

Prior to Sarazanmai‘s television debut, director Kunihiko Ikuhara said in an interview with Pash+ “We live in an age where, with our smart phones and social media, connecting with people is a daily activity––so I wanted to ask, what does that all mean? What do we want to do with [those connections]?”

Sarazanmai is the most outwardly direct Ikuhara has been in a series premiere. Even the tagline of Sarazanmai‘s first episode, “I Want to be Connected, But I Want to Lie” neatly bookends the entirety of episode’s fairly self-contained plot. Naturally there’s a lot more to dig into, but in terms of Ikuhara premieres, this one was surprisingly succinct.

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THE FIRE IN HER HEELS: Rei’s Multi-Arrow Passion!

Cobrahs Corner Booth

I didn’t grow up with Sailor Moon. It’s not like I wasn’t aware of the show’s existence or anything, but my attention was focused on other manlier shows like Yu Yu Hakusho and Beyblade. The only memory I have of Sailor Moon is renting a VHS tape from a Family Video (omg remember those?) and watching Sailor Jupiter’s introduction. Any enjoyment I got out of the show I would have buried deep within in me out of shame, so young Cobrah’s exposure to Sailor Moon ended there.

Fast forward about 12 years later when I hear word that there’s going to be a remake of Sailor Moon. At this point I had already sold my soul to anime, so I was pretty excited to see a remake of a super popular show I knew virtually nothing about. Just because it was magical girls didn’t mean it couldn’t be good, right?…

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